05-30-2017 3 Legion of Honor Museum in San Fransisco, CA (49)

This last week I got to do something very special. Six years ago, my brother moved to California and I have not been able to see him since. I have missed him very much, he and I are the only living members of our immediate family.

My son and his family planned a vacation to go and visit my brother and they were very kind to ask me to join them. Driving down in their van was a wonderful experience I got to spend time with my grandkids and we got to do and see so many fun things along the way! One of the places we stopped was Sutter’s Mill where they first discovered gold in California. The kids got to pan for gold and they have a wonderful museum and guided tour of the area as well. We were walking along the American River with the ranger giving our tour when we came upon a little five-year-old girl that had lost her family. We were very grateful to have found her and assist the ranger in helping locate her family. After she was safely reunited with them our tour continued.

As I listened the ranger explained how people flocked to Sutter’s Mill from everywhere, even as far as China by the thousands to get their share of the gold when it was discovered. They left their homes and families, everything of value in their lives behind with the dream of finding this golden treasure. Some even took out loans to make the journey. I thought about how much it meant to me to be spending time with my son and his sweet family and of the opportunity to see my brother again after so many years. The thought that our families are our most precious treasure was running through my mind. I feel like the richest person in the world because I have a loving family, to me, there is nothing more important in this world. I hope that we will not take our families for granted and that we will cherish every minute that we have with them. They truly are the very best treasure on earth!

Keep Smiling!


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