I can laugh about this now; not the case when it happened, though! I hope it gives you a good laugh! Several years ago I was walking my grandson home from school and thought I could smell something funny. There were four of us in the group and I made everyone stop and checked all our shoes but they were all fine. I kept getting a whiff of something unpleasant but couldn’t find a source for this awful smell. I rechecked everyone’s shoes but still nothing. I finally decided it must have been something that we had passed on the way home and the smell got stuck in my nose. After we were home for a couple of hours I got in my grandson’s backpack to get started on homework. Well there it was the source of this terrible aroma, you guessed it, dog poop right there in his backpack. When I questioned him as to why he would do such a thing, the response I got was not what I had expected. He straightened himself up so proud and told me all about how they were studying Indians in school. They learned all about Indian clay that the Indians used to make pots and other wonderful useful things out of. He was so proud of himself that he had actually found Indian clay right there on the playground at school. He proclaimed “It is not every day that you make such a wonderful discovery!” He was more disappointed about me throwing away his Indian clay than he was about the backpack getting thrown away. Even after I explained what it really was. He was sure that grandma didn’t know what she was talking about and that I had thrown away a priceless treasure. There never seems to be a dull moment at our house! I hope you had a good laugh! I believe that we all need to find as many things as we can to laugh at. It’s good for the soul!




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