My goal for this blog is to share positive uplifting messages full of hope, faith and encouragement, helpful hints, recipes, family history, as well as a variety of other topics to lift, inspire and help all who follow it to truly have a better life! I believe we have the ability to take control of our own lives and change things for the better. I hope as you follow my posts it will bring a ray of sunshine into your life each week giving you the ability to brighten the lives of all those within your realm of influence as you share these posts.

This life is meant to have challenges that is how we learn and grow, believe me I have had them too! I have lost everything financially more than once, had family members struggle with various addictions, being the youngest I have had to watch the rest of my family pass from this life to the next. Several years ago, six passed away in one years’ time. Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. These are just a few of the many challenges I have had to overcome.  I don’t share this to make you feel sad but rather to let you know that I am human and real life happens to me too.

It is my hope that as we all share in this blog passing along its messages of hope and inspiration it will rejuvenate us by fueling us with positivity to take not only our own life, but the lives of everyone we share it with to a better place. I believe no matter what challenges people face it is empowering just to know that we are not alone. That others are right there by our side cheering us on, sharing their stories so we can draw strength, and wisdom from their experiences. I have found that as I have faced challenges when I focused on uplifting thoughts or messages it implanted within me a new found strength which gave me the ability to take my life situation forward to a better place. I found that as I overcame each new trial I gained wisdom and strength making the next trial that much easier to conquer. In the midst of my life challenges I have also had much to be thankful for. A wonderful loving husband, three beautiful children, who gave me six of the most precious grandchildren in the world. Despite the multiple sclerosis diagnosis, I have been blessed to find many natural ways of treating the symptoms giving me the health and energy to successfully accomplish my goals, blessing me with a rich and happy life!

My new book Morsels from Heaven recipes for life and the table will be coming out near the end of September it is my hope and dream that its story will touch hearts, draw families closer and truly change the world for the better one family at a time. In addition to its story it is full of wonderful yummy recipes that have been shared over the years at our family gatherings. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Keep Smiling