Best Carpet Cleaner Ever!


When my children were young we built a beautiful brand new house. I had the bright idea to put in a very light colored carpet. Let’s see little kids, light carpet, obviously I didn’t think things through. They ran around making spills and spots on the carpet and I went around after them cleaning up. I noticed that everywhere I had cleaned up a spill it would look good for a while but then the spot would come back. So I would clean them again and again and they just kept coming back. One day I was having the carpets professionally cleaned and the guy was telling me that he would have to pretreat all these spots. I told him they were all places that I had already cleaned, but the spots came back. This kind man explained to me the cleaner that I was using had left a residue on the carpet and so everywhere I cleaned something up, dirt would then stick to that residue as people walked around and the spots would return. Then he did something that made the rest of my life easier. He gave me the following recipe for carpet cleaner that won’t leave a residue. Wow what a difference now when I clean up a spot it stays clean. At least until someone spills something again! I hope it makes your life easier too!

Carpet Cleaner

1 cup water

1 cup vinegar

1 cup Ammonia

Mix and store in a spray bottle until needed.

Please post in the comments below your great cleaning tips.

Keep Smiling

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