Overcoming Trials

Image result for pictures from the 2017 solar eclipse

This summer has been a long one with lots of ups and downs and bumps and curves. I started it off with a wonderful trip to visit my Brother in California and I also got to visit a longtime friend that I have not seen in over 30 years. These were both wonderful experiences that I treasure. There were also many difficult and challenging things this summer.

I was thinking about all of this as I watched the solar eclipse. Our beautiful sun grows the food we eat, gives us light, warmth and makes us happy. Life on earth literally could not exist without it. During the eclipse, we watched a dark shadow slowly creep across its surface and come between us and our beautiful sun. Even though it was still daylight you could feel that it was darker and colder and not what we are used to, it was different.

I started thinking about our experiences here on earth. We all have times when things are going well and life seems bright and beautiful. We all also experience times in our lives that are difficult and full of trials. At these moments, it feels dark and lonely as if something has overshadowed us and come between us and the life and circumstances we would like to have. With the eclipse, we had to patiently wait and watch for the sun to reappear. The shadow creeped across slowly until it almost completely over took the sun, but after a while our beautiful sun reappeared in its full glory shining down on us as it always has.

I was thinking that our trials in life are much like this. When we are deep in the middle of them it is dark and we wonder how we will ever recover. Sometimes they pass quickly and other times we wonder how or when we will ever see the light on the other side again. But just like with the sun the dark times eventually pass and we rejoice as light and goodness fill our lives again. Some trials leave us changed forever hopefully we have learned valuable lessons and become wiser in the process.

One of my favorite movies is Gideon. Although it has a cast with many well-known actors it was never a big box-office hit. It has never been available on DVD only VHS and can only be found used now. I wish it were more readily available for everyone to see because it has a wonderful message that I believe we all need to hear and apply in our lives.

The main character Gideon Dobbs is a handicapped individual with a pure and sweet spirit. He comes to live in a retirement home to receive the assistance he needs when he reaches a point in life that he has no one to take care of him anymore. The residence at the home are frustrated with their circumstances and long to have the life they once had in their youth.

Gideon teaches them that their lives are not over just because thing are not the way they used to be. He helps each one of them overcome the trial they are facing and find joy and purpose in their current situations. As the movie unfolds you watch lives changed and transformed as everyone finds meaning, value and even joy in their current circumstances. The message of the movie is LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!

So, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch this heartwarming, uplifting and life changing movie. I recommend it to all who can find it. I think about its message Life is what you make it and try to focus on the positive things that I do have instead of dwelling on difficult situations and wishing things were different. For me this has made it easier when I am deep in the middle of life’s challenges and helped me to find joy on my journey! I hope you can find the movie and that it is as beneficial for you as it has been for me!


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