ironing grandma


Some grandmas are wild and crazy and some grandmas are quiet and reserved, but the one thing we all have in common is we love and adore our grandchildren!

The thing that inspired this blog was something that my granddaughter did when she was about a year old. I was having hot flashes and when she would see me fanning myself she would immediately drop all her toys and stare fanning herself. I GUESS SHE JUST LOOKED AT ME AND THOUGHT IT WAS TIME TO FAN OURSELVES. I have to tell you it made me laugh so hard we almost had another problem!



They think the dab is what you do when your forehead perspires.

They are pro’s at lite brite and etch-a-sketch but don’t know how to play x box or play station.

They look up addresses and phone numbers in a telephone book and their friends have to teach them what hashtags and emoji’s are.

They have school clothes and separate play clothes.

They love Elvis but have no idea who Katy Perry is.

They love to bake, sew, knit and crochet.

They love to store things in empty cookie tins.

They think that everyone has plastic covered couches.

They think a water bottle is something you heat up and put on sore backs not something you drink out of.

They think the only way to curl your hair is by putting in brush or sponge roller and tying a scarf around your head while your hair dries.

They keep a Kleenex in their sleeve in case their nose runs.

They think that everyone irons their pillow cases.

They think you hang clothes on a line in the back yard to dry them.

They use encyclopedias for school reports.

Even if they think that I am funny sometimes, I am so glad that I am a grandma! Nothing is better than having a small child climb in your lap and wrap their little arms around your neck and say I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

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