Happy New Year!

Most of us start the new year with a new year’s resolution hoping that by doing so the coming year will be an improvement over the one that has just passed. I think this is a very wise tradition and believe we should all be working on improving our lives all the time.
 There is an old saying that says you are what you eat. I propose that we are also, what we think.

 A few years ago, I listened to a book on tape entitled What To Say When You Talk To Your Self By Shad Helmstetter, PH.D. I found it very interesting and I believe his theory makes a lot of sense. It compared our brains to a computer; A computer is just an empty box of miscellaneous parts, until you program it to do something. Depending on what you program it to do, it can become a tool that will perform wonderful and amazing things. Our brains are similar; They are capable of miraculous things far beyond what we can even understand or imagine. What they do, like a computer is determined by what we have programed them to do. If we have programed our brains to think positive thoughts, be kind, forgiving, love ourselves and love others then that is what will happen in our lives. On the other hand, our brains can also be programed to think negative thoughts and if we do this or allow someone else to do this, then that is what our lives will be.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to program my brain with as many positive and uplifting thoughts as possible! There are a lot of times during the day when we can do this. Standing at the sink washing dishes, at the stove cooking, at the copy machine waiting for copies, or the bathroom. Find the best place that works for you. I gave up on quiet time in the bathroom the year my twin boys decided that this would be the perfect time to take the glass ornaments off the Christmas tree, throw them at the stone fireplace and watch them shatter knowing mom was not watching. I am sure that you can find times that work for you. Here are some suggested affirmations, but find ones that work best for you.
I am kind

I am forgiving

I am happy

I take good care of my body

I am the perfect weight

I am strong

I am healthy

I am wealthy

I am peaceful

I am loving

I am successful

Hears to the best New Year’s ever for all of us!

HAPPY 2017                                           



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