My Own Little Corner

When I was a little girl way back in the olden days. There was no such thing as Dvd’s, Vcr’s, or Cable. Our T.V.  signal came from an antenna perched on the roof. Cinderella was my favorite movie in the whole world. It was only shown once a year and it was always in the spring. For months I would scour the T.V. Guide watching and waiting for my magical evening where I dreamed of being Cinderella as I watched the movie. Back then it was not the Disney production kids are used to today. It was a Roger and Hammerstein musical and my favorite song was when Cinderella would sing “My Own Little Corner”. As I watched I would dream along with her and millions of other little girls I’m sure, about all the wonderful adventures life could hold for me. All these years later I can definitely say that I have had my fair share of adventures. However most of them have not been what I was dreaming of all those years ago. Although I did get my prince charming which was the best dream come true of all. In addition, I now officially have My Own Little Corner where I will continue dreaming of wonderful magical moments for the rest of my life.  I am sure even more dreams will come true, some may be even bigger than I could have imagined. While I don’t have the assistance of a Fairy God Mother I will try to post at least once a week and I hope the things that are shared will be uplifting and beneficial for us all.


Keep Smiling

2 thoughts on “My Own Little Corner”

  1. Cinderella was my favorite movie as a child also. At Halloween time, I chose a Cinderella costume to wear for several years until it was just too tight to put on. Thanks for the memories. I also enjoyed your story of Grandma Ida. What an inspiration she is! Can’t wait until your book comes out!
    Your friend,


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