Morsels From Heaven Book Release

You can purchase my book starting Saturday, November 26, 2016. We are asking as many of you as possible to purchase it between 9:00am – 10:00am MST on November 26, 2016.

Amazon has a promotion code to save $10.00 off the purchase of this book until November 28, 2016. Just use Promocode HOLIDAYBOOK when you order.

Throughout my life it has been my privilege to have had many experiences that are the kind we look back on and see the lessons we needed them to teach us. People that have been close to me have often commented over the years you should write a book. I didn’t pay much attention to them. I had never had a formal writing class or any kind of experience to speak of and just forgot about it. One day almost four years ago I finally gave it some serious thought. I decided on the subject and began to write. At first I thought I was just writing something that would be for my children. The more I wrote, it felt like what I was doing was meant for more than my children. I began to believe that others would benefit from reading my story. As time passed the belief inside me grew stronger. It was a strange feeling to think that what I was writing could one day be published and become part of many lives. That my story would help others on such a huge scale was mind boggling to me. But the more I wrote the more I believed it would. By this point the neighborhood I lived in was a new group of people that didn’t know me during the point in my life that I was writing about and when I would tell them what I was doing their reply would always be oh what a wonderful gift for your children. I started to get discouraged and I thought they might be right. But there was something inside me that kept saying keep going you are doing this for the world not just your children, so I pushed on and finished the story. Then came the recipe part and that had a whole new set of challenges to overcome. Every time it began to feel too hard and that I just couldn’t accomplish this huge task God would send me just what, or who I needed to keep going. I was finally nearing the end and had just met with the person that would be doing some clipart for the book when I got in my car to leave this song came on the radio and I knew without a doubt that God was telling me this book really was meant to be published for the world to have. The story is about my life but it is Gods message to the world I am just the humble vessel he has used to deliver it. I hope and pray that it will bless all of your lives beyond measure.


Keep Smiling!












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